Short Takes: Saturday, June 25, 2016

ITseems a bit rich for all these bleeding hearts to be whinging about the Baird government not giving out enough. They seem to forget 15 years of Bob Carr and what we got: half a bridge to Kooragang and a partial upgrade of Hillsborough Road. Now, you all expect miracles when you continually vote for the opposition. We had an opportunity to forge on when we had a lord mayor of substance and a couple of Liberal government ministers and Newcastle started to move on. You are lucky Baird gives Newcastle anything if this whinging continues. So stop bleating.

Les Powell,CharlestownTHEY talk about the big hole left with the open-cut mines.Look up on Google the place Butchart Gardens, British Columbia. They changed that pit into a beautiful garden a million people visit every year. It would bring tourists to the Hunter.

George Tattersell,EleebanaI AGREE with Jeff McCloy’s observations (‘McCloy dubbed Trump of the Hunter’,Herald,23/6)that if developers are to be banned from funding elections then unions should also be banned. This is arguably correct. But then if the traditional sources of electoral funding were banned, how should elections be funded? The only viable solution would be tax-funded elections. This would minimise corruption such as identified by the ICAC’s Operation Spicer.

George Paris,RathminesSO the NSW government has balanced its budget, by selling income-generating assets. Question is: where will they find the income to spend in the future, now the assets are gone?

Joan Lambert,AdamstownNOW that the state government budget has been done and dusted we are left to pick up the crumbs. After all it’s only Newcastle and the Hunter. Thank you, MrBaird.

Daphne Hughes,KahibahREGARDING Eddie Maguire. There’s an old proverb. It’s best to stay silent, and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth, and remove all doubt.

David Davies,Blackalls ParkTHE POLLSHAVE you had your tyres slashed recently?

Yes 15%,No 85%DOyou like Scott Miller’s plan for the Jets?

Yes 89%,No 11%SHOULD medicinal cannabis use be allowed in hospitals?

Yes 95%,No 5%MESSAGEBOARDWE provide classes in most aspects of computer and tablet usage catering for all abilities from the absolute beginner to more experienced users. If you are wanting to learn how to get the most out of your computer or tablet then you are invited to come talk to us. We provide a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and we try to make your learning fun.When: Friday 1st July.Where: 15 Hubbard Street, Islington (next door to the school).Time: 9.30am to 11.30am.Phone: 4961 6576.Email:[email protected]杭州龙凤419m.