Hunter Drama brings Dreamworks’ Shrek The Musical Jr to Newcastle

Stars: “We will be giving people what they expect visually, songs like I’m a Believer and a whole swag of new music,” Daniel Stoddart said. “We also get to know a little bit more about the characters than we do in the movie.”THE Newcastle production of Dreamworks’ Shrek The Musical Jrwill offer Hunter audiences the chance tosee the next generation of Broadway stars, according to Hunter Drama artistic directorDanielStoddart.
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The cast of the 70 minute production,based on the Oscar-winning animated film,are all 18 and under and featuresTom Rodgers as Shrek, Charlie O’Connell as Donkey, Rory Pollock as Lord Farquaad and Maisie Owens and Phoebe Bayliss as Princess Fiona.

“The anticipation is huge and the competition has been fierce,” Mr Stoddart said.

“But their ideas and their willingness to learn has been outstanding and really inspiring.”

Lead role: Rory Pollock as Lord Farquaad.

Rehearsals will start in the second week of July ahead of the three-day run from September 29 at The Civic Theatre.

The show follows Hunter Drama’s first large-scale production, the2014 box office hit Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr, which also earned it a Most Outstanding Production award at the USA Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta.

“The actress who played Ariel Bonnie McPeak arrived in New York on Thursday and started rehearsals on Friday for A Chorus Line,” he said.

“So you literally will be seeing people who will be performing on Broadway one day.

“It’s a real industry pathway for kids who are prepared to work really, really hard at it.”

Mr Stoddart said the company was keen following the success of The Little Mermaid to take on another project ofa similar commercial scale and was considering Aladdin.

It spoke with MusicTheatre InternationalAustralasia managing directorStuart Hendricks, who put the companyin touch with Dreamworks.

“We wanted something that had as broad as appeal but that was a little more gender-friendly,” he said.

“We will be giving people what they expect visually, songs like I’m a Believer and a whole swag of new music.

“We also get to know a little bit more about the characters than we do in the movie.

“It’s very funny and not just a kids show –the parents will get a real kick out of it too.”

Mr Stoddart said the companywas itching to return to the stage.

“It’s been like putting on an old pair of shoes that you really love and you’ve just been waiting for the right outfit or occasion to put them back on again,” he said.

“It’s been really exciting and really exhilarating.”

Tickets for the six performances start from $40 and are available from Ticketek.

Jucy Talau faces court charged with bashing teen referee at junior rugby league match

Jucy Talau appeared at Sutherland Local Court on Wednesday to face charges following an alleged incident at a junior rugby league match. Photo: Peter RaeA man who allegedly punched a teenage referee in the face at a junior rugby league match in Sydney’s south on the weekend will apply to be dealt with under the Mental Health Act.
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Jucy Talau, 34, who is reportedly the brother of former NRL star Willie Talau, did not enter a plea when he faced Sutherland Local Court on Wednesday morning charged with one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Talau is accused of punching a 16-year-old referee, who can not be named for legal reasons, during an under-12s match at Anzac Oval in Engadine on Saturday.

It is understood Mr Talau was acting as a qualified junior league trainer for the Gymea Gorillas as they played against the Engadine Dragons. The assault allegedly occurred after the referee ruled that a player needed to be replaced during the match.

In court, a lawyer for Talau consented without making admissions to the police application for an Apprehended Violence Order. This order prevents Talau from contacting, intimidating, harassing or assaulting the teen referee for 12 months.

Talau’s lawyer also indicated that there would be an application for the matter to be dealt with under Section 32 of the Mental Health Act.

A hearing for the application will be held in August, while Talau must enter a plea of either guilty or not guilty by July 12.

Magistrate Julie Huber excused Talau of attending his next court date.

Dressed in a grey hoodie and keeping his face down, Talau did not speak to reporters as he entered and left the court.

The young referee was treated at the field by paramedics and was taken to the Children’s Hospital at Randwick with bruising.

Following the alleged assault, Talau was stood down as a trainer and banned from all league grounds in the Cronulla-Sutherland district.

The Cronulla-Sutherland District Junior Rugby League has introduced new mandatory penalties, effective immediately, for those found to have abused referees.

The “zero tolerance” rules include a six-month ban from official duties for coaches, trainers, managers and spectators for a first offence, a 12-month ban for a second offence and a life ban for a third offence.

Players sent off for showing dissent to a referee will face a six-match ban for a first offence, a six-month ban for a second offence and year long ban for a third offence.

“I believe it’s necessary to protect the integrity of the referees and moving forward I believe it will be good for rugby league in general,” general manager Nathan Waugh said.

World Yoga Day: I hate yoga – but don’t hate me for it

Yoga – not everyone’s cup of tea. Photo: SuppliedI have a confession to make. I hate yoga.
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It’s very un-PC of me, I know. Hating yoga is like hating motherhood.

I don’t doubt it’s good for you. Traditional yoga offers a path to enlightenment that not only trains your body but educates your heart, your soul, your mind.

I’m all for being enlightened and hope I am making progress in that direction from other efforts. But, from childhood, I was always rebellious when anyone insisted I must do a certain thing. And yoga is practically essential, if you believe the lifestyle magazines.

Those who practice yoga long term are so admirably limber, they are almost another species. They look at you with pity when you admit to not taking classes. And I do understand why. I would love to love it. But I can’t. And I’ve tried.

In my travels, I have participated in a few yoga classes. They’re hard to avoid. The yoga pavilion is a feature of most resorts these days. Some of them are set on lakes, or overlooking the ocean, or in the deep rainforest. I want to join the class just to hang out in these beautiful spaces, standing on one leg and being at one with the universe.

These resorts are proud of their yoga studios and many see it as integral to their health and wellness programs. I’ve never been made to do yoga, but I’ve sometimes been made to feel recalcitrant, like a rather thick schoolgirl, when I’ve declined. Especially when I’m travelling with lithe yogamanes.

It’s just that I never feel anything other than dizzy and frustrated when attempting most of those yoga poses. And annoyed with myself, especially whenever the perfect specimen of a teacher, undulating like bread dough, clearly gets irritated by me too. I used to play hooky from school on sports days because I couldn’t stand the gym teacher looking at me like that.

Yoga aficionados will either be disapproving when I admit this or nod in wise empathy and tell me I’ve obviously never joined the right class or had the right teacher. Or I’ve chosen the wrong yoga for me. And perhaps this is true.

There are at least a dozen variants, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kundalini, Hatha and Bikram being the most popular. I know Bikram is hot, Hatha is gentle and Kundalini involves chanting mantras. I believe there are versions such as Laughter Yoga and Chocolate Yoga using ceremonial cacao (that might work for me.) I know yoga can be vigorous like Pilates, which I quite like because you can lie down on a Reformer for most of it and it’s rarely boring. That’s the thing – I find yoga (and meditation for what it’s worth) boring. Even when I took a meditation class in Sri Lanka with a real monk, I couldn’t sit still.

But I had a kind of epiphany recently. I still don’t like yoga. But I met a teacher who made me think I could actually enjoy it.

Her name is Lara Baumann who, with husband Rob Drummond, established Tri Lanka, a new eco resort on tranquil Lake Koggala in Sri Lanka. The focus of the resort is wellness, albeit a very luxurious kind, and Lara often conducts yoga classes in a shala that overlooks a bamboo grove.

I went along with the group to once more try a yoga session, somewhat dreading it, as Lara devised and teaches her own method of yoga, Quantum Yoga, and the cover of her book and DVD features her in bendy poses I thought only Gumby could pull off.

Quantum Yoga is based on ayurvedic principles. A questionnaire helped us establish our dominant dosha, or humour. I was mostly a pitta body type. I suspect that meant “lazy”. But, actually Lara was pitta too, so maybe not.

I couldn’t do one tenth of the poses, even though the class was for novices. But, strangely, it didn’t matter. Lara was inclusive, kind and funny. My stay was too short, or I would have semi-eagerly joined another session.

Please don’t write to me and tell me how great yoga is. I know it is. I know not all yoga teachers are boring, that there’s a way to do it that is intellectually stimulating as well as physically. I know I would be much better off with it. Like I’d be better off eating yoghurt. I don’t like that either.

Lee Tulloch was a guest of Tri Lanka.

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Ghostbusters: Fall Out Boy’s version of theme song dubbed ‘hauntingly bad’

The all-female Ghostbusters … Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones. Photo: Hopper Stone Secretary Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) in Ghostbusters. Photo: Hopper Stone
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Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters.

Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman, Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump and Andy Hurley received a wave of negative reviews about their version of Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters theme song.

Ghostbusters trailer brings out misogynistsMovie session timesFull movies coverage

First there was all that online hate for the trailer for the new all-female Ghostbusters.

Now’s spread to the new theme song to the movie from Fall Out Boy. Or rather a reworking of the catchy old theme song by Ray Parker Jr, featuring Missy Elliot.

The Los Angeles Times has called the song not just bad but ‘hauntingly bad’.

“So ghastly is Fall Out Boy’s new theme to Ghostbusters that if, after first listen, you vapourised it, pumped it into a tank, locked it in a safe and buried it under the Empire State Building, Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) would still flatulently seep to the surface to torture millions.”

In a review headed “Where will Fall Out Boy’s reign of terror end”, Oregon Live described the song as painful as a karate kick.

“Bill Murray and the entire Wu-Tang Clan should stage a 2am burglary to steal every computer involved in its making,” it said. “A congressional sit-in should block anyone but Carly Rae Jepsen from covering it ever again. In a dusty studio warehouse right now, Vigo’s CGI painting eyes are rolling.”

According to Consequences of Sound, the CIA will soon be using the song to torture detainees in Guantanamo.

The comments echo the online hate that came after the release of the first trailer for the movie, which stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, earlier this year.

It became one of the most disliked movie trailers ever to be released on YouTube, sparking a debate not just about whether Ghostbusters should have been rebooted but whether it was right to cast it with, gasp, women.

“Sexist that men were excluded here, only because they were men,” wrote one commenter.

“We hate the ridiculous pandering the feminist movement is getting,” wrote another. “It’d be one thing if they had one, or two women, but all of them are women and it is pushing far too much.”

But that trolling might not have the effect the haters want.

For the Hollywood studio behind Ghostbusters, it’s all just publicity.

Asked how much the online hate would affect the movie, Tom Rothman, the chairman of Hollywood studio Sony Pictures Entertainment’s motion picture group, could hardly contain his excitement.

“It’s the greatest thing that ever happened,” Rothman told The Hollywood Reporter. “Are you kidding me? We’re in the national debate, thank you. Can we please get some more haters to say stupid things?”

And on whether the movie will be successful, Rothman was more guarded. “Oh, I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t comment about that. The good news is, you can feel the momentum of the movie.

“We had a thing last week where Bill Murray, who had just seen the movie, came out and said how great it was. You just could feel the cultural excitement.”

Ghostbusters opens in Australia on July 21.

Court of Appeal rejects bid by mining mogul Travers Duncan to overturn ICAC findings

Mining mogul Travers Duncan outside the ICAC in 2012. Photo: Rob HomerThe state’s highest court has rejected a bid by mining mogul Travers Duncan and three of his associates to overturn corrupt conduct findings made against them over a multimillion-dollar coal deal.
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Mr Duncan, lawyers-turned-businessmen John McGuigan and John Atkinson, and investment banker Richard Poole were the founding investors in Cascade Coal, a company seeking to exploit a coal tenement in the Bylong Valley near Mudgee.

After an explosive public inquiry that also made corruption findings against former NSW Labor ministers, the Independent Commission Against Corruption made adverse findings against the businessmen and Cascade Coal in 2013.

The businessmen lost a Supreme Court bid in July 2014 to have the findings overturned.

But one of their associates, RAMS Home Loans founder John Kinghorn, was successful in that case because the finding against him was made on a narrower basis that the court ruled was invalid.

Mr Kinghorn became the first person in more than 20 years to be cleared of corrupt conduct in NSW.

The Court of Appeal ruled on Wednesday that the findings against Cascade Coal, Mr Duncan and his associates were valid.

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst, dissenting in part, would have quashed the corruption findings against Mr Atkinson and Mr Poole. But he agreed on most points with Court of Appeal President Margaret Beazley and Justice John Basten.

All three judges rejected a challenge to the ICAC’s jurisdiction to recommend Cascade Coal’s exploration licence be torn up because it was “tainted by corruption”.

The court also found that the basis on which a corrupt conduct finding was made against Mr Kinghorn was in fact valid.

But because the ICAC had already agreed to discontinue the case against Mr Kinghorn, no finding will be reinstated against him.

The businessmen have 28 days to file any application for special leave to the High Court.

On Twitter, even cats (and dogs) are divided over Brexit

The tension over Britain’s historic referendum has spilled over to social media, where people let their pets battle it out. Photo: 123rf上海龙凤419mBattle lines have been sharply drawn ahead of the vote about whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union.
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The intense debate over the Brexit referendum has pitted neighbours and relatives against one another.

It has spilled over to Twitter, where in moments of tension users often turn to pet memes.

Last week, Lilian Edwards, a law professor in Scotland, posted a picture of her cat on Twitter, curled up on a pillow and looking slightly sad, and added the hashtag #CatsAgainstBrexit, asking other cat owners to join her. My cat is sad because #Brexit. If you agree RT w your cat. #CatsAgainstBrexit. Come on guys, viral time!!! pic.twitter上海龙凤419m/NHH5lBMpZq— Lilian Edwards (@lilianedwards) June 18, 2016

Soon thousands of cat owners who support British membership in the bloc posted pictures of their cats in a purportedly resentful or irritated state, attributing their dark mood to Brexit-induced depression. Never mind that cats are inscrutable.

More hashtags proliferated: the opposing #CatsForBrexit, as well as #DogsAgainstBrexit and #DogsForBrexit. Even hamsters and ferrets weighed in. #FerretsAgainstBrexitpic.twitter上海龙凤419m/hrNfvXHkEP— Panny (@Pannypannypan) June 20, 2016

So far, the cats opposed to leaving the European Union have won the battle, with nearly 54,000 tweets in the past seven days, according to Dataminr, a monitoring service. Cat tweets in favour of leaving the European Union numbered around 2300, with the dog tweets split 1400 against to 700 for leaving, Dataminr showed.

What does this mean for the final outcome of the referendum? We’re not sure, but this is scientific proof that Twitter is ridiculous.

Through their pets, Twitter users touched on several high-profile issues of the referendum debate, including immigration, the economy and the role of the right-wing UK Independence Party.

“Benson’s worried not enough people realise that we have more in common than things dividing us,” Rupert Myers, a journalist, wrote on Twitter, with a picture of his cat gazing forlornly.\ Benson’s worried not enough people realise that we have more in common than things dividing us #CatsAgainstBrexitpic.twitter上海龙凤419m/veqmPeaoIj— Rupert Myers (@RupertMyers) June 20, 2016

Darcy doesn’t like irreversible decisions. And he should know – he’s been neutered. #CatsAgainstBrexit pic.twitter上海龙凤419m/YhYWOWUTDj— Amy Flinders (@amyflinders27)  June 22, 2016  

Immigration figured prominently in the posts, a reflection of the “Leave” campaign’s views, which recently made headlines after a poster showed a huge line of migrants stretching into the distance, with the words “Breaking Point” overlaid in red.

“This dog is voting out because this highly skilled immigrant cat stole his job,” Kimbo Brandt wrote on Twitter, posting a picture of a cat and a dog. This dog is voting out because this highly skilled immigrant cat stole his job #DogsforBrexit#CatsAgainstBrexitpic.twitter上海龙凤419m/0LNTdjLCrF— Kim (@KimboBrandt) June 20, 2016

Dr. Suzanne Conboy-Hill, referring to Boris Johnson, the former London mayor and one of the public faces of the “Leave” campaign, said her cat feared she could be sent packing at any moment: “Chaka is 19 & part Persian. She worries she might be deported if Boris knows where Persia is.” Chaka is 19 & part Persian. She worries she might be deported if Boris knows where Persia is. #CatsAgainstBrexitpic.twitter上海龙凤419m/L5pagYLQzG— DrSuzanneConboy-Hill (@strayficshion) June 20, 2016

On the other side of the debate, Daniel Hannan, a member of the Conservative Party and the European Parliament, invoked the famed Grumpy Cat. “Would anything cheer you up, @RealGrumpyCat?” “Only one thing: getting out before the EU collapses!”#VoteLeavepic.twitter上海龙凤419m/YlfcrJIQLJ— Daniel Hannan (@DanHannanMEP) June 21, 2016The New York Times

Parramatta pool to close with a new aquatic centre proposed

Parramatta residents will have one last summer to enjoy their public pool before it closes. Photo: Steven SiewertParramatta residents will have one last summer to enjoy the Parramatta pool before it is demolished to make way for the new Western Sydney Stadium, the NSW government announced on Wednesday.
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A new aquatic centre is slated to be built on the old Parramatta golf course, subject to final planning approvals.

However, with the construction of a replacement aquatic centre expected to take a minimum of two years, locals will be without a public swimming pool for some time once Parramatta Swimming Centre closes in March 2017.

Sports Minister Stuart Ayres said a master plan would govern the redevelopment of the eastern end of the old golf course, which would need to be upgraded and repurposed for public use.

“Subject to the finalisation of funding arrangements, the City of Parramatta Council will be responsible for delivering the new aquatic centre,” Mr Ayres said on Wednesday.

But the North Parramatta Residents Action Group, which has opposed the closure of the pool since it was first flagged in February, said the announcement was nothing more than a promise to conduct a feasibility study.

“Until we see a like-for-like pool under construction, the War Memorial pool must remain open,” the group’s president Suzette Meade said.

Ms Meade said the Parramatta War Memorial pool, which was first opened in 1959, was greatly valued by the community, given their distance from the ocean.

“To go to an outdoor pool is very special. It’s something for the community that’s affordable, so we can go an sit on the grass and lay in the sun.”

She said the Parramatta community had a “massive trust deficit” with the state government due to after-the-fact consultation.

“We keep saying, put the plans on the table for real engagement with the community, because it’s not happening.”

The pool’s closure was a foregone conclusion after plans for the new $300 million Western Sydney Stadium revealed the adjacent site would be needed to accommodate the 30,000 seat stadium.

Modern security requirements, including more circulation zones around the stadium, and improved pedestrian and vehicle access along O’Connell Street also meant the new stadium would encroach on the pool site.

Infrastructure Minister Andrew Constance said the planning process would involve “extensive public consultation” and would be lead by the Parramatta Park Trust, which owns the golf course site.

“We want to get the best result for the community and will be working closely with the council and the Trust to progress the former golf course site proposal,” Mr Constance said.

The government has earmarked the new stadium to be open by 2019, with the contract to design and build it to be awarded in late 2016.

Melbourne Cricket Club chief executive Stephen Gough retires

Gough will most likely leave the position next year. Photo: Joe ArmaoEddie McGuire’s plans for the MCG precinct should not be dismissed because they include a new stadium, according to MCC chief executive Stephen Gough.
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As he announced his retirement from the MCC after 17 years of running Australia’s historic sports ground, Gough said a global plan for the entire precinct, including a renovation of Richmond station and bridging over Brunton Avenue and the railway lines, needed to be seriously looked at.

Gough said McGuire’s plan for the precinct was hijacked by the fact it included plans for a new stadium and became a binary choice of keeping Etihad Stadium or adopting McGuire’s stadium.

But Gough said McGuire’s plans included the important acknowledgement that there needed to be a big picture view of the precinct, including decking over Brunton Avenue and the railway lines to properly connect the entire sports precinct.

Those plans would also require a significant rebuild and renovation of Richmond Station as elevated decking would not funnel people properly into the existing infrastructure.

“I think there needs to be a total look at the precinct. Despite some of the critics of Eddie’s proposal because it became all about a new stadium, he put up a proposal that we deal with Punt Road and the separation of the two precincts, deal with the issue of cars, parking, parks, trains and transport,” Gough said.

“I think for the future of Melbourne as a sporting capital we need a proper link between the two precincts and that would be of enormous significance to Melbourne.

“I do think that is the next big thing that the club [MCC] will have to look at but that requires discussions with government, with the Melbourne and Olympic Park Trust, the AFL, tennis, councils … it requires a 30 to 40-year vision for the precinct.

“Richmond station eventually has to be done because it’s still a major transport hub but at the moment it is suffering from its infrastructure. You cannot have elevated decking and not do the station.”

McGuire’s $1 billion proposal was to build over the railway lines and Brunton Avenue and construct a new 60,000-seat stadium next to the MCG and have Hisense Arena moved. His proposal also suggested changes to Richmond Station, possibly even moving it underground.

The funding for this new stadium would come in large part from the AFL selling Etihad Stadium once it takes ownership of it. The stadium will be handed over to the AFL in 10 years unless there was an early buy out.

Gough said regardless of the merit of whether there is a new stadium involved, a global approach needed to be taken to the entire precinct.

Gough has not set his departure date from the MCC yet. He will remain in charge until a suitable replacement is found and a handover period undertaken. It is likely that could mean he remains in charge until early-to-mid next year.

Gough came to the job at the MCC after 18 years at Carlton Football Club, the last six of which were as chief executive.

“It is a sad day because I have been here for so long. It has been such a major part of my life for the last 17 years,” Gough said.

He said he would most likely look to work in part-time roles after leaving the MCC but doubted he would return to a role at Carlton.

“I look at the size of the football departments at clubs now compared to when I was there and I feel prehistoric and that is only 17 years ago,” he said.

Third Hunter drug house found in four days on Carrington Street, Mayfield

Third drug house found at Mayfield | photos RAID: A crime scene has been set up at the Carrington Street, Mayfield premises where 60 plants and five kilograms of cannabis was allegedly found. Picture: Brodie Owen
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RAID: A crime scene has been set up at the Carrington Street, Mayfield premises where 60 plants and five kilograms of cannabis was allegedly found. Picture: Brodie Owen

RAID: A crime scene has been set up at the Carrington Street, Mayfield premises where 60 plants and five kilograms of cannabis was allegedly found. Picture: Brodie Owen

RAID: A crime scene has been set up at the Carrington Street, Mayfield premises where 60 plants and five kilograms of cannabis was allegedly found. Picture: Brodie Owen

RAID: A crime scene has been set up at the Carrington Street, Mayfield premises where 60 plants and five kilograms of cannabis was allegedly found. Picture: Brodie Owen

TweetFacebookBig drug haul at a house in Mayfield. Strong smell wafting down the street. 60 yo man in custody. pic.twitter上海龙凤419m/d9TxzwIPzM

— Brodie Owen (@Brodie_Owen) June 23, 2016Newcastle Heraldspoke with several neighbours who said they hadn’t seen anyone at the property in years.

One man, who did not want to be identified, said he was surprised he never smelt the cannabis odour despite living next door.

“I can certainly smell it now,” he said.“It came as a shock –I’m as shocked as everyone else is.As you can see, the house was pretty rundown but never do you expect anything like this.”

The drugs are estimated to have a street value of more than $100,000.

A crime scene has been set up at the Carrington Street, Mayfield premises where 60 plants and five kilograms of cannabis was allegedly found. Picture: Brodie Owen

‘I’m filled with shame’: Selma Blair apologises for in-flight outburst

“I’m filled with shame:” Selma Blair aplogises for on flight outburst. Photo: Theresa Ambrose Blair and son Arthur, 4, on board a the plane to Cancun on Friday. Photo: Selma Blair/Instagram
Shanghai night field

Selma Blair taken to hospital after flight outburst

Selma Blair has apologised for her outburst on an international flight that led to her hospitalisation.

Returning from a family holiday, the 43-year-old actor said she deeply regretted the incident, where she was stretchered off a plane from Cancun, Mexico to Los Angeles on Monday.

In a statement issued to Vanity Fair, she said: “I made a big mistake [on Monday]. After a lovely trip with my son and his Dad, I mixed alcohol with medication, and that caused me to black out and led me to say and do things that I deeply regret.

“My son was with his Dad asleep with his headphones on, so there is that saving grace.

“I take this very seriously, and I apologise to all of the passengers and crew that I disturbed and am thankful to all of the people who helped me in the aftermath.

“I am a flawed human being who makes mistakes and am filled with shame over this incident. I am truly very sorry.”

Blair was travelling with her son Arthur, aged four, and ex-boyfriend Jason Bleick to celebrate Father’s Day.

Witnesses told TMZ that she was travelling in first-class and mixing prescription medication with wine. Two nurses tried to comfort her during the incident.

Shortly after, she “suddenly started crying” and was heard saying: “He burns my private parts. He won’t let me eat or drink … He beats me. He’s going to kill me.”

Blair, who recently played Kris Jenner in The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story, had shared a selfie of herself and Arthur seated on a plane on Instagram, ahead of their trip.

“We’re leaving on a jet plane. Dad is already asleep. Not for long. Bwahahahha,” the Legally Blonde star wrote.

Bleick shared a similar selfie on Monday at Cancun International Airport alongside Arthur and before Blair’s outburst.

“On our way back from Fathers Day in Mexico. #arthursaintbleick,” he wrote.   On our way back from Fathers Day in Mexico. #arthursaintbleickA photo posted by Jason Bleick (@jasonbleick) on Jun 20, 2016 at 10:17am PDT