No Makeup Nofember in Newcastle, along with no bras and hairy underarms

No makeup, no bra and hairy underarms | photos, poll Alicia Keys.


Cameron Diaz.

Lady Gaga and cake.

TweetFacebookAlex Morris, 29, is giving $5 a photo to the charity One Girl for the first 100 photos she receives from females who are makeup free, ornot wearing a bra, or whohave hairy underarms.

She’ll also accept photos from men wearing makeup.

She has 64 photos so far, but she’s aiming for 120 in total.The photos have been posted on her Facebook page,No Makeup Nofember.

“It’s about shaking up the status quo and celebrating doing things a little bit differently,” said Alex, who livesin Newcastle.

The concept was based around challenging cultural norms, feminism and gender expectations.

“Ultimately it’s about raising money for a good cause. That’s the number one thing,” she said.

The One Girl charity works to keep girls in school in Africa.

Alex said she was not anti-makeup.

“It’s more about embracing the idea that men should be able to wear makeup without peoplebatting an eyelash and it’s OK if women don’t want to wear it,” she said.

Alex was inspired by the #NoMakeUp selfies of singer Alicia Keys on Instagram.

“In most of her photos on Instagram, she’s embracing the natural look–which is exciting,” she said.

The 35-year-old singer and 15-time Grammy winner published an essay in May, saying she no longer wanted to feel compelled to wear makeup.

“I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing,” she wrote.

She said on the US Today showthat “society puts limitations on us”.

“And in a lot of ways, I’m sick of it.It would be so amazing to just embrace each other how we are. I think the most important thing is, you do what feels good for you.”

Her comments started a #NoMakeUp movement online. Actress Cameron Diaz posted a picture of herself with no makeup, saying: “I want to talk about one of the biggest taboos in our society. Ageing. I feel like ageing has gotten a bad rap”.

“Learning that you can age well, will actually help you to age better. If you understand how your body works then you can take action to help keep it in the best possible condition, so it can carry you through a long and beautiful life.”

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