Commonwealth Games silver medallist Mary-Anne Monckton visits her original gymnastics club, Lake Macquarie PCYC

BALANCING ACT: Mary-Anne Monckton shares her knowledge during a motivational/coaching session at Lake Macquarie PCYC in Windale. Picture: Marina NeilSHE hasn’t abandoned her dream of competing at the Olympics, but as she recovers from a recent knee reconstruction, Mary-Anne Monckton is pushing ahead with a contingency plan.

“I definitely see myself being a gymnastics coach,’’ the Commonwealth Games silver medallistsaid.

“I can see myself making a big difference. My goal is to coach at the highest level possible.’’

Studyingexercise science and business at university, the 21-year-old is laying a foundation for a coaching career withmotivational sessions at junior clubs and launching a website,maryannemonckton杭州龙凤 week she visited her original club, Lake Macquarie PCYC, to provide an insight into her introduction to gymnastics as a five-year-old.

“When I started gymnastics I was screaming and crying because I couldn’t do it,’’ she said.

“Then my mum told me if you want to be good at something, you have to work. After that, I just put in the effort and started to see the rewards and grew to love it.’’

Ten weeks after surgery on her knee, Monckton is still coming to terms with her own disappointment and Australia’s failure to secure a team berth at the Rio Olympics.

“To be honest, I think about it every day,’’ she said. “But I’m just trying to get my head around working towards a new goal.’’

“I need to rehab my knee properly, get back to normal activities like walking and running, and then start thinking about competing again.’’

Within days of the surgery, she was back in the gym, albeit on restricted duties.

“I had surgery 10 weeks ago, so I’m just taking it really slow for the first three months and then hopefully I’ll get the all-clear to start more vigorous rehab,’’ she said.

“I’m walking around fine for a while now and I’ve been doing strength training, upper-body and also stuff in the pool. It’s going pretty well.’’